I needed to change my current license to my new computer, so I called TrueShip and they provided me with great step by step instructions. I’ll share them with you just in case you would like to change computers. It was actually pretty easy. You’ll want start off by backing up your settings, order history and any custom maps before uninstalling it from the current computer. TrueShip made it so easy. Order History can be exported out by going to File, Export by XML, and All. That will save all your orders in XML files. You can pull your setting from that license out by going to My Documents, ReadyShipper, and copying the settings.json file to the desktop or something. You can get your custom maps for CSV import by going to My Documents, ReadyShipper, and Import Maps and copy and paste that to your desktop as well. After doing all that go to Start, All Programs, ReadyShipper and select uninstall. This will remove the software from that computer and free up your license key for a new computer.

Download the software by going to TrueShip.com. When you open ReadyShipper for the first time, you will choose I have a ReadyShipper license key. Enter the license key for your current license. You can then import your old orders by going to import, selecting TrueShip XML from the import Type drop down menu and bring those XML files in. You can load your custom CSV map by going to import, Edit Maps and clicking on Load Map. You will then load in the .rsmap file from the old license. The final step to restore all your setting is to go to My Documents on the new computer and go to the ReadyShipper folder. You will see a settings .json file. Delete it and paste in the settings.json file you copied from your old license. 

The people at TrueShip made this a very easy process. 

6/23/2013 03:27:22 pm

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